Dems run real candidates. GOP runs puppets

After the speeches last night, it is clear: GOP is about appearances and marketing. They do not get it that Americans know we need real leaders.

Have we had a real president of the GOP persuasion since Nixon? OK, 41 was an attempt and it failed. They tried to slip in one of their real movers & shakers under Reagan’s shadow. They backed off fast after THAT debacle.

They have only pretty faces as front men. They do not WANT real leadership because they like the leaders who are really too ideologically ugly to run for office*.

* see cheney, Lay, Forbes, Perle, and, the big bad Wolfowitz…

REAL bosses of the GOP try to figure out what America is ‘buying’ any given election cycle then they look for some unfortunate schmuck who appears to fill the bill. The one real criteria the GOP power brokers seem to have is this: Must be compliant. Complacent helps. But taking orders is Job 1.

GOP think tank view of selecting ‘leaders’:

McCain: maybe America will buy a decorated, disabled Vet. Hey, what could be more jingoistic-ly patriotic?


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