Police demand a body cavity search, no contraband, hospital bills woman $1K+?

Bad enough woman’s rights to medical care managed by her and her doctor are under attack by many state governments, now women can be effectively raped under a police order then billed for the privilege?


LAS CRUCES – A Las Cruces woman has been charged $1,122 by a local hospital for a forcible body cavity search ordered by the Metro Narcotics Agency that did not turn up any illegal substances.

She is now asking the county to pay her hospital bill.

The woman, who is not being named because she was not arrested or criminally charged, was searched at Memorial Medical Center on July 1, according to a tort claim notice Las Cruces attorney Michael Lilley served to the county this week.*

* more at link

Hope there is a serious investigation into just where the agents got their “credible information from a reliable source”.  While we know drugs are a law enforcement nightmare, we sure don’t want any lingering doubts that any agent of officer of the law might be using institutional rape as a means of intimidating women for any reason.  This is America, isn’t it?

Getting to the point where sharia law might just be more helpful to American women than the crap that is going on here under all the good ol American boys system! You guys think you have good reason for a cavity search, have the balls to put in a bill for it with your own departments!


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