Update on that Bill for the Body Cavity Search of NM Woman

Law enforcement decided to pay the tab. How nice of them. Tip of the helmet to Current forum member DayO for the update info link.

Here’s the more local link for you news hounds.

LAS CRUCES – The law enforcement agency that ordered a forcible body search on a Las Cruces woman suspected of holding drugs has paid her hospital bill.

The 19-year-old woman, who received a $1,122 bill from a local hospital for the body cavity search, asked the county to pay the bill in a tort claim notice filed last week by Las Cruces attorney Michael Lilley.

The search did not turn up any illegal substances.*

*more at link

Wonder if they would have paid up without the threat of law suit and/or the fact that the story got out and people became vocal, rightly sensing that such a thing sets the stage for all manner of ‘guilty until you pay to prove otherwise’ sorts of schemes.

And along that line, Attila is pleased to note that the ACLU is taking it to Florida Guv and former medical lab owner (he turned it over to his wife, so he could claim no conflict of interst yada yada) Rick pee-in-the-cup-and-pay-the-lab-for-your-check Scott.  More on that likely.


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