Read the one about the guy who was killed by an injured grizzly bear

The hunting party was after black bear. Shot at, and injured a griz instead.  Not a good plan. A) illegal B) takes some serious knock down to knock down a bear that big. C) if you do try the illegal shoot, shoot to kill, there are no do-overs when dealing with a griz.

And just about everybody underestimates how fast a bear can move.

Sorry about this man’s death and the grief of his family. Bears shit in the woods and shit happens, even to experienced hunters.

But there are too many ‘hunters’ who aren’t and they are trouble for too many weeks each year.

When hunting season starts here in the eastern part of MT, I cringe. Also, I do not walk the big dog. Too many ‘hunters’ use the season as an excuse to behave badly.

Have seen too many of them at the grocery store: a loaf of bread, a package of lunch meat, some mustard for a group of four, oh, and an 18 pack of beer per man per day. Yeah, that works.

Too many one-week-a-year ‘outdoors-men’  can’t trek 50 yards from their trucks, so lots of range land and gates get trashed. Some even shoot from the highway! Lots of them can’t tell the difference between an antelope, a black Angus cow, a horse, a 12-year-old human boy on a Kelly green John Deere tractor!  Hells bells, a few years ago, one hunter shot another hunter… in the motel! Tough shot though. They were in separate rooms.

I hate hunting season. No problem with culling herds of deer, elk, antelope; being shot has to be less painful than starvation in 40 below weather. And I am a partial carnivore. I figure we have vestigial fangs for a reason,  but those hunters…..


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