The Steed’s Last Ballad

Sweet water

Sweet feed

Sweet kisses

Of such riches,

I never dared dream.

Shiny and sleek

No longer dirty and meek

Again I was sated and clean!

But I mustn’t stay long nor be greedy;

So many more in need.

Know all your gifts and kindness

Were cherished by this grateful steed

I did not need a long time

to learn life could be fine

Sweet water

Sweet feed

Sweet kisses…

-ah! you shared such precious wine!

You gave your all.

You saved me.

I ask for one thing more:

Please smile and think of me fondly

When the next horse comes to your door.

There are more who will need your kindness.

There are more who will test your heart.

Know I leave so you can tend them;

But know we don’t truly part.

You taught me precious lessons.

I hope I taught some too.

We nurtured our better angels

It is what best friends do.

Don’t grieve long at my passing.

Dwell instead upon my joy.

I came to you, mere specter,

Yet you saw a precious boy.

Sweet water

Sweet feed

Sweet kisses

Bodies have their limits.

All will turn to dust.

Souls, dear friends, are boundless.

My heart is filled to bust.

I hate to leave this oasis

But, leave this place, I must.

Time for my next chapter

And for your’s too, I know.

There’s more ‘happy ever after’.

Just like next year’s sweet grasses,

Your heart will continue to grow.

Life has it’s partings,

Tho we may lament,

That fact, we cannot change.

Please raise up your eyes

To bright, boundless skies.

Your love is my open range.

Sweet water

Sweet feed

Sweet kisses

Know I hate to leave but must.

I will always hear your sweet voices.

That, your heart can trust.

for the good folks at HEART of  Tucson and those everywhere who tackle the job of animal rescue. Though their hearts sometimes break, they never fail.


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