It’s a better day for America!

Happy Repeal Day!

One step closer to ‘liberty and justice for all’. One decent step to making the military more representative of America, and probably a lot more effective, what with being able to keep many talented people, including a lot of essential specialists, in uniform and on duty.

Now, on to smashing DOMA  and working to secure civil rights for ALL Americans!

If the pols are so worried about Defending Marriage, they can start by not fooling around on the side themselves, and making the economy work better for worker bees so families have a better chance of surviving.

Sticking their puerile noses into other people’s bedrooms does not make marriages stronger. Using their positions to insert the government into people’s bedrooms as a means of forcing their personal and religious beliefs on others is UN-American!

Inserting the government into the private decisions of consenting adults wishing to make a public, legal, state recognized commitment to one another does not have any impact on the marriages of others.

Inserting the government into private lives in such matters gives lie to the Right’s insistence they are working tp get government out of people’s lives.


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