Pubic Empolyees are not the bad guys

Just had a productive and most helpful interaction with a member of the too oft maligned group called ‘Public Employees’.


Back in the day, they were more commonly referred to as “Public Servants”. That term still fits most of them as far as I am concerned. Perhaps the name change came from the forces that wish to scapegoat groups for problems that took a whole society to create and will take a whole society to correct. This business of co-opting the language to frame things for advancing particular political agendas has sure twisted how we speak of things and groups, and that sure does have an impact on how people think. Sad.


But I am heartened and more hopeful after speaking with a Public Servant who does care and got back to me so fast he caught me on the phone running something past a trusted personal friend/advisor. He left message AND called back again, just as I was trying to return his original call. Yeah, that is public service, as the matter is a serious one and he took it as such, even though it has nothing to do with his personal world.


Public Servants. Appreciate them. When they serve you well, let them know. Let their boss know.


Now, excuse me while I write a congratulatory letter to a governor who had the wisdom to appoint a really good man to a very crucial job.




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