Mitt Romney is middle class? So, where does that put the poverty line?

Pardon the cynicism, but Attila the Blond has always sorta figured anybody who wanted the job of President Of The United States, would be, by that goal alone, found mentally unfit for the job. What sane person would want that kind of headache?  Maybe delusional, maybe optimistic to a point that would make Pollyanna blush, maybe megalomania, maybe just struck with some intense need to be in a history book.  Easy to name past presidents who fit one or more of those category.

But now, we might consider a new category: It’s the money! Oh, sure the job does not pay well, considering the conditions and responsibilities. But there is all that money you and congress would get to direct. There’s the payoff.

Are you a rich rich RICH guy? Well then, a well placed desk might just put you in position to decide how much you and your well-heeled peers have to pay (or avoid) in taxes, and what sort of loopholes you might be able to wrangle.

Are you sorta rich? Well, then, by arranging taxes, loopholes, and who gets what no-bid government contracts in exchange for campaign donations and/or cushy positions for family members or yourself, upon retirement from an office where most of your time was spent funneling money and perks to those who promise such jobs.

Are you really a working person of the middle class? Fuggit about it! You are too busy scrambling to get the next meal to have time for the back scratching it takes to get the dough to even run. And unless you have a real healthy bank account and portfolio, it seems most Americans think you are just not one of them and they won’t take time between their two or three jobs to stop by the polling place to vote for you.

So, Mitt, AKA M-Rom, just what is your reason for running? Delusion? Optimism that you are a swell guy, and by golly, people just like you? Power, you just can’t get enough, because, well just because some people just can’t get enough of something they already have in abundance just for being born in the right family? History, you want your name in all the text books and you want it so bad you will pretend you are the leader of the free world? Really, Willard? History books?

What ever the reason, and it could be any combination or even all of the above, the motives do not suggest any sort of fitness for the job.  And anybody who will lie, distort, obfuscate to get the job, well, my ol momma always said we should never even sit at the lunch counter with liars and con men.

Even Main Stream Media knows M-Rom is pulling your leg. Furthermore, MSM even admits as much.

A look at Romney’s personal financial disclosure form, however, reveals he’s in the bracket that President Obama is targeting with his proposed “Buffett rule” to tax millionaires. An analysis of Romney’s 28-page accounting of his wealth by the Boston Globe earlier this year put the former Massachusetts governor’s net worth at between $190 million and $250 million.

It’s not the first time Romney has raised eyebrows by attempting to identify with Americans struggling with the economy. On an earlier visit to Florida this summer, he told a group of jobless workers: “I’m also unemployed.” *

Mitt Romney is not one of us. Any attempts he makes to refer to himself and us as being members of the same group is laughable at best and more likely just a manipulative trick to get us to think he’s the sort of guy we would like to have a Neer Beer with.

The way I see it, his attempt to become POTUS is just one more example of rich Republicans trying to keep worker bees, folks who really do need to work, out of one more job.

* By the way, Willard, you are not unemployed, you are between hobbies and maybe a little restless. Order up some iced lemonade and caviar nachos, pull up a chaise and watch the contractors rebuild that house on the beach if you are bored need some entertainment.

Jeesh, anybody with that kind of moola who can’t come up with some great ideas for whiling away the hours is just way too dim to be attempt herding all the cats.


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