Eric ‘Cankor’ sore at FEMA; Wants them to hurry and show him the $$

Deficit Hawk Eric Cantor is fine with holding all other US Congressional Districts in America hostage in agenda fight to cut other programs if money is needed for disaster relief.  His district, those people he counts on to keep his cushy job making life hell for the rest of us, does not get the same cold-hearted treatment. For them, he will set aside his deficit fever fervor and toss his weight around.


Sure, it is just for self-serving purposes. Keep the folks back home thinking you give a tinker’s damn so they will keep pulling the lever that keeps you in a position of power, from where you can affect policies you profit from personally.  Makes it all the more questionable, don’t you think? Hanging on to his job is so much more important than the deficit.  But cuts that cost other people their jobs, well, that just has to be done.


He is a cankor sore on the hind end of America. In a saner time, he would be driven out of office for his boundless hypocrisy.




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