22nd richest person on the Hill, Denny Rehberg, now bullying kids for their lunch money.

 From Talking Points Memo
“Rep. Dennis Rehberg (R-MT), who’s expected to face Sen. John Tester (D) in the Montana Senate race next year, is worried that some families who receive federally subsidized lunches may be gaming the system and therefore bilking you out of your hard-earned taxpayer dollars.It’s about waste, fraud and abuse, he suggests. But Democrats say it’s about something else: A Republican looking to scrimp on a program that benefits the least fortunate of all Americans, poor children, while he fights to protect subsidies for multi-billion dollar oil companies.

Rehberg is fond of looking to the nation’s education subsidies to find extraneous money that can be cut. Back in April, he landed in some hot water after he said that Pell Grants were the same as welfare, a comment he quickly walked back after public outcry back home in Big Sky Country.

But even in the walking back, there was evidence of Rehberg’s concern that taxpayer money earmarked for making it easier for people without a lot of income to get an education is place where cuts need to be made. Pell Grants are “are an attempt to do the right thing,” he said, and “the difficulty is, often times a program is so successful that it grows and grows and grows and grows.

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Brain off in too many directions on this to write all of what I want to say, but I will point out a couple of things right now:Denny is reading from the script the Koch brothers and RNC handed him without thinking even a little: In Montana, in rural counties that tend to vote for his drunken ass time after time, the majority of kids get subsidized lunch. AND the majority of services in all those small towns rely on various grants which are based, in part, on the percentage of kids in the local schools that get subsidized lunch! He doesn’t have the brains to tell the script writers that this is NOT a good can of worms to open up in Montana.

As to why the need for Pell grants and other help to people trying to get educations, he complains that the programs keep growing, but never once mentions why that need increases: more Americans are falling into poverty and the middle class wage earners are losing real wages all the damn time! Need for help is increasing because real people are not making as much money as they used to.  IOW: It’s the ECONOMY, stupid!

The RNC and Hoarder Class know that campaigning for a senate seat is cheaper in Montana than just about anywhere else, while that seat has the same power as one from NY or MA. They are funding (and scripting) the drunken sot, Denny Rehberg.

Even though most of the $$ for his senate campaign here will come in from across the nation, it is still a local race between him and Tester and this issue will bite his ass hard if we all work to show the GOP in Montana just what it will mean.  A lot help to provide services people rely on, and cash strapped local governments can’t do without, comes from grants that are based upon the ration of kids in the school lunch program/total enrollment in local schools. It isn’t really just about the lunch money. Koch brothers wouldn’t bother with it if there weren’t other important social programs being involved.
After working to sue firemen for his failed business venture of houses on a high, windy platue, far from conveniences, and under the airport flight path, is  Dim Bub Denny really going to shake kids down for their lunch money? Seriously? He just let the RNC script writers make him into a literal cartoon of the dim witted school yard bully who is all brawn and no brain, no heart, no soul.By the way, officials were in town recently telling the county that they had a bunch of senior citizens daring to eat at the subsidized, once a week senior lunch who really don’t qualify and/or aren’t paying their $10 a month. Makes me wonder what other services are partially funded based on poverty among the senior citizens.

The Brothers Koch know so much more than most voters about how funding for critical social programs is figured. Time to help get info out to the voters about how these whiny attacks on the needy really relate to everybody.
The GOP is trying to condition everyone into accepting their demonization of anyone who gets federal dollars. Well, anyone but huge corporations anyway. Denny is always there, voting to defend federal dollars going to industries which are not floundering.

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