Cain buys Cain’s book from Cain’s company using Cain’s campaign funds

While it is legal for campaigns to buy candidates’ books (often given a premiums for particular donation levels) it is NOT legal for them to profit from the use of campaign funds to buy books.Cain campaign bought the books, published by a division of Simon & Schuster Inc., from T.H.E. New Voice, Inc. which he runs.

Bill Allison, a stout-hearted lad who serves as editorial director at the Washington-based Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan group that tracks political money so you and I don’t have to sort through a lot of chaff to hit the occasional golden nugget has some concerns about this book buy.  He said  “All candidates publish books and they offer them as premiums to donors, but most candidates aren’t buying them from their own companies,” he said. “It raises the question of his campaign contributions ending up in his own pocket.”

THE New Voice, Inc.,  has its CEO, Herman Cain’s pictures and links to things he has written all over the place. Don’t know what they are selling, aside from Herman Cain. That company’s website home page sure looks like an offshoot of his campaign but, you know, without all that FEC rules ‘n stuff being a factor.So, is he funneling campaign $ into one of his other accounts, err, companies,  which would seem to be illegal? Even if that other corp looks to be doing the same work as his official campaign? Is this one more GOP end run around the sieve that comprise the laughably weak FEC regulations as sorta applied, in some cases, and generally not so much IYAR*?  (* ‘If You Are Republican’ , a bastardization of It’s OK If You Are Republican, which seems to apply to many legal problems and/ethical weirdness)
Sarah Palin and her PAC that seems to support the lifestyle Sarah Palin wants to become accustomed to.  Christine O’Donnell  sold her condo then leased it as her campaign headquarters so she could continue to live there while claiming only around $6000 in income for a year, using left over campaign funds for food, evidently.Now Cain swapping money from one Cain account to another Cain account.   Who says the GOP doesn’t have a Jobs Program AND an economic plan? More and more of them seem to have taken jobs as candidates, which might be one of the few avenues left in America to earn some money.  As for economic plans, they are damned gifted at grifting.
Shine more light on the guy, folks. Remember that old adage ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and put lots of strong legs under stories about Cain.  Why, I just read that under his 9-9-9 plan, Warren Buffett, who paid $6,938,744 (17.4% of his taxable income last year) would have been liable for something like $440,000 on his taxable $40 MILLION, and that doesn’t count for any tax credits for charitable contributions Mr. Buffett made. That 9% Federal Sales Tax Cain wants as part of 9-9-9 would be on top of any and all state and local sales taxes working people already pay but never seem to get counted as paid when GOP pols talk taxes. That would really be a wallop to the wallet to most people. But hey, the very top-tier of the Hoarder Class would end up with a monster big income tax cut.

By the way, what is the deal with the name Cain? Last prez race, McCain. Now Cain regular strong in the pack? Is this just one more dog whistle blown to the fundies? Cain, Cain, hmmm, that rings a bell. ‘Hells bells, Mabel, it’s in the bible! It’s a sign, a sign I tells ya!’


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  1. ThirdSection
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 00:19:22

    If Cain’s campaign doesn’t buy his books, then who will? Most of his supporters can’t even read!


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