99% is a pretty big mandate, if we just recognize it and use our power

Just read the saddest comment on a news story.  Someone made the remark that each of us was on our own in this economy. Guess that is a variation of the ol boot strap mythos and a vote for the Cainian crap that the poor and unemployed have only themselves to blame, since anybody can be employed and/or rich in America.

My reply to that hopeless (without hope hopeless) soul:

The 1% wants us to believe (and act like) we are all on our own. Pay and benefits are not the only reason the Hoarder Class hates unions and spends a lot of money to make others hate them too. Unions illustrate the power of people who choose to work together for common goals. The Hoarder Class will go to extreme lengths to keep the 99% from recognizin­g the power of joining together.

As long as they keep the masses fighting each other, the tiny little Hoarder Class wins. We need to look to the common goals and dreams and beyond the media/psyc­h blitz we have had for over 30 years. Union is good. That is why the founders created a UNION of states.



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  1. Attila the Blond
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 10:59:14


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