People sitting quietly with messages on their shirts removed, some arrested in WI capitol

The cowardly side of the aisle  in WI legislature who are so terrified of the people are having them removed and arrested for having signs.   So a few show up with pieces of paper on their shirts. It has been explained to the cowardly part of the legis and the security they command that people can wear tee shirts with messages. But the cowards figure people with paper on their shirts can be tossed out, and they do so.

The people being removed have not been disruptive in the least. One member of the legislature pointed out the members of the body would not even know of the protesters’ presence save for the disruption the security officers create in removing and arresting them.

The sgt at arms and officers are engaging in acts of provocation just as surely as NYPD White Shirts with pepper spray and batons. They are denying THE PEOPLE any means of speaking to their government and the end result of such strong-arm tactics on the part of any state will always result in frustration levels that will lead to illegal acts of aggression against the state.

You cannot take away the means of a people to dissent in constructive ways without planting the seeds of destructive means. Heavy handed refusal to allow civil forms of dissent and petition is what eventually spawns terrorism. If the Lords of WI want to rule like the family Saud, they will get the same responses eventually.


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