FOIA, like the Bill of Rights, seems to have been recycled and re-puroposed as toilet paper for high ranking officials

UPDATE:  DOJ says OK, we won’t do that bad stuff and lie outright about documents we don’t want you to see after all.

Maybe Herman Cain will be let off the diversion hook now?  Hey, anytime there is a big sexy news item that media is overly invested in reporting, I always figure there is some real damage being done while we are engrossed in the splashy story de jour.  Not that I dismiss the importance of uncovering Herman Cain’s predatory ways, I just think media needs to keep an eye on more than one thing at a time.




At present, if the government doesn’t want to admit the existence of a document it believes to be exempt from FOIA, it may advise the person making the request that it can neither confirm nor deny the document’s existence. Under the proposed regulation, an agency that withholds a document “will respond to the request as if the excluded records did not exist.”


This is NOT change. This is more of the SSDD and it seems to be getting worse all the time. Where is the transparency CANDIDATE Obama was so gung-ho about?

I understand the need for some secrecy in what governments do, I really do. But FOIA has an app for necessary secrecy. A court considers requests for information and weighs the right to know against the need for secrecy on a case by case basis. This business of government flat-out deciding ‘If we think it’s important for you not to know, we can deny it even exists should you file a FOIA request for it’ is NOT what the laws were written for.

Is we is or is we isn’t a NATION of laws? Guess not. Laws are just harnesses for the 99%. The 1% and their henchmen, and I put Obama squarely in that henchmen column, don’t seem to think laws are any sort of mediating factor in what they can and can’t do.

I have had it with this administration. This is one outrage too far.


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