Tomorrow will be ‘try and grasp what they’re trying to do to the sharing of info on the internet’ day

What the hell, I am sick already. Probably a good time to read up on what Congress is trying to pull while we are in a tizzy of delight over Herman Cain’s plight.

From first glance, looks like some congresswhores are trying to shut down the tool by which the commoners get to be the media and share information gleaned from many sources and published online.

While I try to be respectful of copyright and just copy/paste short excerpts along with links to the originals, not everyone else is so careful. Seems some are trying to use that to squelch the sharing of finds by calling it piracy.

Oh yeah, this will be a fun thing to look into tomorrow. Hope I have some blood pressure medicine. This is gonna make me crazy. Will probably be soaking in the issue from Thursday through Sunday, with little time to get engaged in any other online fun.

Oh those nasty corporatists. They know we found a powerful tool to fight them with and they are coming to wrest it from our hands.

In the meantime, keep your quotes short to stay on the safe side. Here is a cool little word counter tool.

Figure on limiting your quotes to 20% of the original material with a link to the rest. The word count tool spares us all the time counting.

Even then, I don’t know if it will save our ability to share what we find. Frankly, I figure it won’t and TPTB will try to limit anything we want to share, cuz they don’t want us to be informed. Period.


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  1. KB723
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 23:00:36

    Hooray!!! 1984!!! 8)


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