Rash of arson fires; Anybody really surprised?

A rash of arson fires in the dark of night set Los Angeles on edge over New Year’s Eve, and authorities deployed hundreds of extra firefighters, patrol cars, undercover officers and helicopters to stop the attacks.

…”  LA Times

Two things:

  1.  There has been a (class) war going on for generations but the Hoarder Class has become arrogant in their impatience to own slaves (us) outright and openly. Think: the smart ass trust fund kids like Mitt, his kids, and the brothers bush, arrogant and never having had to really work for their daily nut. They have over-reached and there is trouble.
  2.  A really bad economy will lead to insurance fraud. What better way to hide one’s own arson for insurance reasons than to have your place go up in a confusing haze of much local smoke?

Back in the late 80s, I lived outside of Butte, MT.  Mines and smelters had closed, or were about to close down.  Business, and some home fires, were so regular that my young daughter would alert me when the news showed videos of fire fighters: Mom, the BFD show is on!

BFD pretty well described it then when the powers that be did nothing to help the folks in Butte who were trying not to freeze when they couldn’t pay fuel bills on the pittance of benefits they got after the extraction corporations took their profits and left.  BFD pretty well describes most of Congress’s reaction to the dire straights more and more Americans are in today.

The Butte Fire Department ain’t big enough to keep America from going up in smoke. Once, a man from that area had the ear of a President and that President turned the tide. The GOP has been trying to undo his fix ever since. And we are about at the crisis point we were back then. But there seems to be no leader with the courage to do what is right by the American people this time, even if it is the only sure-fire way to protect the Hoarder Class from the conflagrations that will engulf most of them too.

What real answers do I hear from presidential wannabees, the fools on the Hill, and the Bankers Without Borders? ‘BFD’ and, ‘Have another helping of meaningless diversions and manufactured issues ‘.

The class war has finally been joined by enough of the Have-Nots that things are gonna get real ugly.   It was no accident that the Bill of Rights got rubbed on Congressional and Presidential asses just recently.  The Hoarders are at physical risk now and they damned well know it. They will shoot to kill, metaphorically or actually.

I would like to point out that after the likes of Hearst Inc pulled out of Butte, the people survived the bust. Booms came and went again and again. The people of Butte are still there, and most are thriving. They flowed, they bent with the ill winds, they called on their native intelligence, improvised new economies, never failed to laugh and sing at their traditional celebrations as they added new methods to daily life. They did what the Hoarder Class and all their hired thugs were sure they couldn’t: They survived and they thrived.

We are the 99%.  We are not going extinct.

Someone put a hand-made sign under the official “You are Leaving Anaconda” sign back in the late 70s. The sign said “Would the last one out please turn off the lights”

The lights, dimmed for a spell, stayed on by the way.


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  1. KB723
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 12:50:42

    I think they caught this Fella… 😉


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