The dog ate my blog posts

Not really, but he might be the root of why I didn’t get anything written yesterday. Poor old hound was under the weather for a couple of days. Hardly moving and letting out faint little puppy cries when he moved or had his head touched. Not normal for a touchy/feely mutt of primarily Golden Retriever persuasion.

Though he winced and whimpered a bit, he bravely let me gently check his ears and teeth for any sign of trauma. He is old and a bit arthritic, so not moving much is easily explained. The not moving head or wanting any affection was not normal. No signs of ear trauma nor obvious teeth trouble. In fact, for a dog of his years, his pearly whites are still, well pearly white with no whiff of dog breath decay.

We did give him a baby aspirin wrapped in a bite of brie. Yes, he lives well. It did help. Next morning, same thing and he moved around much more, but still seemed off and uncomfortable.

Morning after that,  yesterday, I awoke before dawn with an exploding head.  Living a life of regular cluster headaches until about age 40, severe headaches are not strangers. But the level of pain this time was frightening.  Migraine? No, the whole head was brutally sore. Not sinus headache.  Never did manage to drink enough to earn a hangover, so no to that.  And yes, there was also stiff neck, vomiting, which rarely happens, and a slight fever.

Ice pack. No movement that wasn’t absolutely necessary. It was a day not to get anything done. Even a soak in the tub, the stand-by for extreme pain, did nothing but make me clean.

The spouse said:  Ya know, your eyes look JUST like the dog’s did when he was puny the other day. He did offer to toss a bit of brie loaded with aspirin up for me to catch, noting that the dog did better with that.   I declined. The sudden movement of snapping a mini cheese ball from the air would probably have triggered a wave of pain that would make me suicidal. Besides. the last two attempts at aspirin did not end well.

After assuring myself that it was getting a bit better and was probably not bacterial meningitis, I looked at that sweet, concerned hound. Felt so bad to think this might have been the sort of pain he was dealing with for about a day and a half. Poor old chap must have thought it was the end of the world. Always healthy and having only one minor injury when he was a pup, he is a stranger to pain.

But today, all is well. I am spunky and full of energy. So much energy that sitting at the computer for the hours generally spent searching for weird news to use as dots for connecting seemed a horrible waste. It’s January and it is nearly 60 degrees ABOVE zero. It is sunny and the light is not a knife going through my eyes and to my spine.

No news today, or very little. A couple of promising projects hunted down, things for days with less civil weather and lower energy. But I sure wonder what the hell it was me and the dog had.  In the meantime outside looks too good to resist.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KB723
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 12:50:04

    I am Happy the two of you are feeling Better… 🙂


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