Oh, if only left wing blogs had such power!

Raw Story reports  FOX news is blaming ‘left-wing blog Politico’ for weak GOP field. Oh, that should have been prefaced with a warning not to have a mouthful of your beverage of choice.

It has been calculated and reported that Romney & Romney supporting PACs spent about $165.00 per vote that he garnered in Iowa. Romney, the heir apparent to the GOP, the ‘businessman’ who touts his real world experience sure made a pricy investment for little return. What wouldn’t he be willing to spend? Is that the mark of someone who is fiscally sane?

The guy who almost beat him (hmmm, not sure yet that he didn’t beat him) spent about $1.65 per vote that he received in Iowa. He did get out and press the flesh. (Oh, pardon me, that didn’t come out quite right and I assure you it was an innocent mistake. )

Seems solid evidence that M-Rom’s business acumen might warrant some scrutiny. He doesn’t seem to make responsible investments, or he is a piss poor judge of the political market. M-Rom is not a big product in America.

The wild-eyes witch of the north is out. Well, she was never in to begin with and took this long to get the message. But she got to do some disconnected moralizing and maybe that gets her a special place in her own little heaven. Let us pray.

The man from planet Ronulus is a testament to the tenacity of the delusional people who project upon him all the freedom from laws they personally do not want to obey. Most of his younger followers seem oblivious of history and the fact that ‘Libertarian’ is too often just cover for ‘vehemently opposed to the Civil Rights Act’ for the older followers.  Don’t bogart that joint, dudes.

Liberal blogs (and I raise an eyebrow at including Politico under that banner) had nothing to do with the GOP clown carpool. Carpool, cesspool, which is more accurate for this bunch?

Newt is going nuclear against Romney. The GOP elite pulled out the stops for Romney.  Newt/Romney: the battle of humongous egos and sense of entitlement. What a death match this will be.  And there is no liberal blog to blame for the mental states of these two immature brats who do not care what damage they do to ‘party’ in the quest for the golden apple their empty souls covet.

SOMEBODY talked Perry into not quitting

I seriously doubt it was God. Who gains by Perry staying in, splitting the nutcase vote? The Ronulons would not be swayed by anything, so Perry’s only purpose is to make sure Santorum is not the only guy left for the religious right batshit wing of the GOP. Without Bachmann and Perry, the frothy gent from PA might just rack up some real numbers. Hope some observant journos let us know if any people associated with the Romney camp show up in any meetings with Team Perry.

Since Perry’s real god is $$ and Romney will spend same, one wonders just how much money is changing accounts.

Weak field?

That’s a compliment to this band of sociopath and whores. But blaming liberal media for it is naught but FOX projection….again.

What about Huntsman?

I don’t support him but, he is sane. He is actually well versed in the issues. He is a standout just on those two points alone. And he is ignored by the GOP voters AND hierarchy.

Weak field? It seems that is exactly what the GOP, voters and kingmakers, wanted.  Whining about Obama is all they’ve got.  A strong candidate might hurt that occupation.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. alexandrek
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 20:46:46

    I agree with Hunstman, i still believe he will be the Rep contestant, he’s still on the back, letting the others getting grilled, yet he better start moving!
    As much I can’t stand them all, hunstman is thw only one who sounds sane enough and has strong diplomatic experiences!


  2. KB723
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 12:42:50

    I have always seen Huntsman as the only one that can think for himself… 😉


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