What makes Rick Run? Is circus clown the only promising job market in America?

The money? Does he know that the US is not run by Commissioners who will pay to play like in Texas? Is he so tickled with having his name and face on TV that even ridicule of his endless gaffes gets him high?

Is it his wife? Well, maybe that. If not out there campaigning, Mr. and Mrs. Perry would have more time to consider what their lives would be like after the governorship.  They might have to share the same address most of the time. Can’t see that playing well.

Of course, what Perry does or doesn’t do has no real impact on life in America. Life for Americans is being steadily degraded by forces well beyond the reach of the long serving standup comedian governor of Texas. But what the hell, the sideshows are just so much fun.  Who could expect the media to actually focus on things like the Bill of Rights going through the shredder with bi-partisan support and cooperation of two out of three branches of government? That third branch seems likely to nod and give thumbs up should it be asked.

And why would media try to keep us fully informed about all that drilling and pipelining going on, using the pretext of  ‘America needs energy independence’ to get people to swallow a lot of very bad things oil companies want? Why would media take the cameras off the GOP clown car and other circus acts long enough to point out that most of the fuel they plan to send through pipelines is going to a seaport, not any refineries or distribution facilities in the US? Why would media risk bringing viewers down by showing that all the environmental risks of fracking, deep drilling, pipelines America is accepting  just so the extraction corporations can get better prices on the international market?

Let’s not even talk wages, jobs, education, real healthcare reform. The viewers might turn off programs that address what really impacts them.  Worse, viewers might join up with OWS on streets in every town.  In an age when ‘reality shows’ are reproducing faster than a rhinovirus on speed, the last thing media wants to talk about is reality.

Rick Perry seems to enjoy the roll of clown. Circus and bread. Only the bread is getting sliced thinner all the  time.   Pols should have to join a clowns’ union.


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  1. KB723
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 12:44:00

    Lets just say a soon the be forgotten Class Clown…. 🙂


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