Santorum made sure the Catholic Church got a great deal, at a big cost to a VA retirement home for military personell

Know them by their deeds, not the words they speak,  Santorum edition. Know them by what they have done, who they have served.  Don’t go on the sweet nothings they whisper in your ear, look at their records. Look at Rick Santorum and who he really served while in the US Senate.

Once upon a time there was a retirement home for veterans and it needed cash to spruce up the place. It wanted to lease some acreage it owned to get the cash needed to make repairs and provide a trust to help keep the place up. The lease could have brought in $49 million AND allowed the VA home to maintain ownership of the valuable land asset. But along came Rick Santorum, warrior for, well, not for the best interests of America, veterans, the VA or anything he was sworn to protect.

Count on the trustworthy source of Mother Jones for information you need to be an informed voter.


Enter Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.). At the behest of the Catholic Church, and unbeknownst to the Home, Santorum slipped an amendment into the 1999 National Defense Authorization Act handcuffing how the home could cash in on those 49 acres. The amendment forced the Home to sell—and not lease—the land to its next-door neighbor, the Catholic University of America. Ultimately, the Catholic Church bought 46 acres of the tract for $22 million. The Home lost the land for good, and by its own estimates, pocketed $27 million less than the land’s value and $83 million less than what it could’ve made under the lease plan. Santorum’s amendment sparked an outcry from veterans’ groups and fellow US senators, who barraged his office with complaints.


If Rick’s primary concerns are the interest of his church, fine. Let him work for his church and not pretend to work for the US. The Vatican can afford to pay for their own lobbyists.  He screwed an agency and people who needed real help. Instead, he helped a church that could afford to pay fair price for a lease.

The POTUS should not serve the interests of one Church over the interests of the people who serve the nation, and the nation in general. Rick put the interests of his Church over the interests of the nation while he was serving as an US Senator.

No Rick Santorum in public office ever again. We have had enough of his santorum.


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