Et tu, Mrs Newt Past Tense? Fury of woman scorned to rid GOP of reptilian pest?

Are the GOP Powers That Be  tired of watching the battle> Do they just want to sew up the nomination for Mitt before he gets more battered?  Are they bringing out the big gun? Newt’s ex interview coming up on ABC?

Disclaimer: Drudge Report reporting about this, so who knows, but the lady does have dirt on the newt and she evidently did spend a couple of hours at an ABC studio. And Drudge was right a couple of times.

Anyway, per TPM:


Marianne Gingrich recently spoke to ABC News reporter Brian Ross for two hours about her tumultuous relationship with Newt Gingrich. There’s no clear word yet on the specific details she recounted. But The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz reports that Marianne didn’t reveal anything in the interview that she hasn’t already said, especially in an August 2010 interview with Esquire. ABC has announced it will air the interview at 11:35 PM eastern Thursday evening.

It’s worth recalling that Marianne dished to Esquire in August 2010 about her ex-husband’s money woes, philandering and meltdown after the collapse of his career in the late 1990s. In short: for a TV interview, she would have a lot of material to work with.


ROFL. The newt is about to be toast. If prairie oysters are bison balls  and mountain oysters are the tender bits from nutting calves, what do you call the roasted naughty bits of a newt?

While I am all for wronged wives warning others about lack of ethical standards of philandering exes who happen to be seeking public office,  the timing is curious. M-Rom is beginning to look the worse for wear lately. Keeping his arrogance and temper on a leash is harder than clearing brush and the boy is showing signs of stress. TPTB in the GOP know their puppet de jour is in need of some down time, maybe a vacation to some pleasant island to fondle his cash stash or something.

The newt can match M-Rom for both temper and arrogance and  it seems the little puffer fish just will not take orders to stand down.  Nothing like a wronged woman going public (again) with some righteous, if possibly paid for, indignation and facts about just what kind of values Newt really has.

Don’t know ’bout you, but I will be making popcorn and popping open a cold beverage to go with this can of worms.


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