Do you garden? Are you lucky enough to have a little farm or a little land to plant? Great resource for knowledge for you!

My darling husband, knowing my passions and the fact that an active mind is healthier, put me on to this National Resource Conservation Service technology support resource webinar site. Don’t panic, it isn’t all that geeky or complicated.

This is a link list to really good archived webinars, along with a way to sign up to be notified of new webinar presentations if you can attend them live. He said to download the archived webinars to your media player program. Audio will accompany the slide show, which will play automatically for you. Or, so he says.

I have attended many live webinars and viewed/learned from many archived webinars, which are handy as you can do them when you have the time. It isn’t hard. It isn’t a lot of effort. It is fun and a great way to learn new things.

If you are an internet novice, most public libraries have staff who do remote learning via such webinars and they will be glad to help you get a handle on it. They even have Public Access Computers you can use and they will probably be grateful to you for sharing the above link. Librarians are always glad to have new resources to pass along to their patrons.

The link above has webinars on various aspects of creating  soil health, beneficial microbes and bugs, how these all work to build a better growing environment, methods for better water management, and much more . Lots of mufti-discipline approaches to help understand and build a better little corner of your own world. There is a strong focus on building better soil ecology so we don’t rely on a lot of chemical fertilizers and pest control.

You don’t have to have a brazillion acres to be a good land steward. I have a tiny lot and we live on some of the worst ground, with some of the worst water in America, but us two geezers have turned it into a little ecological wonderland of diversity and productivity.  I can’t work hard or spend many hours in the sun, but I have a fun little garden so you know it really isn’t that tough.

A lot of these methods are things my husband tries to get food producers in our area to try. The results have been good, even great, for the people who will honestly try various methods and tweak as needed for their local conditions. He generally tries to get some less successful producers in an area to try new things. Then, when the neighbors see the results, it’s easier to get others to come in for some discussions on techniques and plans for their needs. People build on what works, tweak what sorta works in their area, and spread the word.

I wanna watch the webinar on beekeeping this week.  In my old age, I think nurturing a bee colony would be a good thing. If I get stung from time to time, it will cut some of the arthritis pain, though I will never deliberately TRY to get stung, as I have an ethical problem with purposely causing a bee’s death just for my own comfort.

If you have kids, or neighbor kids, a lot of them will jump at the chance to ‘play’ in a garden and learn. They get some good one-on-one time with a caring adult, and you get a little help and some contact-high spillover energy from their enthusiasm. A garden is the best place to teach about basic natural science. It is the best place to play and experiment with some applied science and some creative problem solving. Get some kids involved. Maybe even find a spot to get a community garden going. Show them the satisfaction of eating something they produced and pass along the important truth that the way things are is not the way things have to be. Let them get their hands into the effort and see that they can turn ugly into beautiful and bountiful. Who knows how far some kids will take that lesson in life!

I can’t save the world. You can’t save the world. Together, we might just save some corners of it and get more people to see the logic and fun of such effort.

Seed catalogs are in our mailboxes, and now you have a way to learn some really good stuff. Learn, plan, grow, teach, enjoy some good foods and a lot of satisfaction. Life is too short to spend all of it online being a news junky! Balance that out and keep yourselves sane!

There are plenty more opportunities for remote learning and a lot of pretty swanky outfits, like MIT and UC Berkley even offer some courses free! We will put up links for other remote learning venues in the coming weeks. Feel free to leave comments with any cool sites you find.

Enjoy. Let me know how things go in your little corner of the world.


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