Politics may be local, but money isn’t. Too bad money is speech.

All politics may be local, but the money that is all-powerful most certainly is not.

Back in the early, mid 70s, RW fundy xians started taking over local school boards and education started a bad downward slide.  Some of those people went on to higher office and the tax rebellions got serious.

Reagan got in and the class war got into high gear. Money for local services dried up when Reagan got in as Gov of CA. Counties had to raise property taxes and people put in Prop 13, forever tying the hands of CA legislators to really get their job done.

Then the whole thing went national.

Now the powers that have the money have been going local again, taking over state houses and legislatures where they can. Purpose? Seems it is to make sure workers lose ground via the death knell to unions AND deliberate disfranchisement of whole demographic groups, which not so oddly tend to vote DEM.

Here in MT, a setting senator, who may not be popular with DEMS nationwide but represents the state and people pretty well, is being attacked by outside money that wants to give do-nothing drunkard and dipshit Denny Rehberg a big promotion.

The votes of senators from Montana count the same as the votes from the senators from NY or CA, but it’s a lot cheaper for the corporate money men to fund a campaign here than in NY or CA.

That Walker dared to complain about the recall movement getting outside $$ and then be out-of-state at a $2500 a plate fundraiser in another state tells a lot about him and the masters he serves. They want rules and limits on us, and no rules/no limits for themselves. That is not democracy, that is not free speech, that is an oligarchy and that is what Walker works for.


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