About using taxpayer money to build pro-sports stadiums for mega rich team owners to show off their mega paid employees…

If pro sports team owners don’t believe in capitalism and pulling themselves up by their own boot straps, they should move to another country! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Or have newt teach them to take a bath, fill out applicatio­ns and get a job!

When we are stiffing public employees of their rights to collective bargaining­, of the benefits that were promised as part of their compensati­on, of pensions, and in some places, of paychecks, there is no justificat­ion for giving one thin public dime to mega-rich businessme­n. Tell the modern-day dukes to pay for their own castles! We the People have teachers to pay, roads to pave, trash to pick up, and children to keep in books.

Phuk phootball and baseball team owners! They charge real money for their games, their hotdogs, their beer, their TV rights. Why does anyone think we owe them any part of their business start-up costs? Does Mom and Pop get public money for their new fancy housing for their store? Isn’t it enough that taxpayers provide roads to businesses?

We don’t have enough to keep the safety net somewhat repaired, we don’t have money to help them build their play palaces. And no cushy tax breaks either. They need us, we do NOT need them.


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