Ran into one of the Ronulan Paulistas on the interweb tubes

Guess it being a holiday and all, the adolescents  chaffing against rules but enamored of Ayn Rand are home with time on their hands. ::sigh::   So many minds going to waste for want of resources for facts.

In honor of President’s day, and in hopes of arming the warriors for truth and justice (economic and legal) here are some links. Bookmark them. They come in handy when you need to pull arrows of reality from you quivers while fighting the good fight for truth, justice, and sane discourse.

Increases in the National Debt by year and party

Information from US Dept of the Treasury, Bureau of The Public Debt . Facts just seem to have that LIBERAL BIAS, huh? Why is that? Oh yeah, because liberals deal with reality and facts in order to help all Americans in that life, liberty, pursuit of happiness stuff

How Congress spends the money

Page is on federal budget.com <–yeah, a well known LIBERAL blog fer sur!

National Debt Graph by President

Hey, the numbers are what they are and they aren’t hard to verify!

Who Increased the Debt?

Information source? Again, the US Dept of the Treasury. Ouch! That has to leave a mark! Boo hoo GOP and patsies

Cost of tax cuts to top roughly = to Social Security shortfall*

*IOW, GOP took our payroll deducted Social Security payments and gave the money to the uber rich after a bit of money laundering. 

Cost of Bush policies: $5.1 trillion 2001 to 2009/Cost of Obama policies: $983 Billion 2009 to 2017

A nifty little block graph that breaks down the money and where it went/goes

Info source is the Social Security Trustee Report and Center on Budget and Priorities (CCBP.org) based on Congressional Budget office and President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget.

There ya go. Facts at hand.

Not that any of the Romulans, or Right Wing, delusional zealots and slaves to ideology will accept such things as facts, reality, hard numbers.


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