Gingrich Campaign, contiunally struggling with debt, stiffs small businesses

Newt stiffs vendors. Small printing business in Nevada bent their own rule about giving credit to political campaigns finds out the newt is a taker and they got took. Tab for printing posters, signs goes unpaid. Tip of the deadbeat iceberg most likely.

Any grown person not in a coma in the 90s should have known not to trust Newt Gingrich. No sympathy for any vendors who extended this man credit. It is not like he is an unknown element. If his Contract ON America and accompanying tantrums (shutting down the government for example) didn’t tip them off, the fact that he stiffed his first wife as he followed his ego should have. If two ex-wives and being tossed out as Speaker and fined for ethics violations didn’t clue them in, the big spending at Tiffany’s and Moon Base grandeur should have been a wake up call all could hear.

ANY business that extended credit to an ego-maniac with the newt’s track record is either very poorly run or so blinded by greed that the hope for more tax cuts overshadowed all critical thinking.

The newt is, and has always been, just a con man. He plays to his ‘marks’ and tells them what they want to hear.

People need to pay attention to what pols DO, not so much what they say. Gingrich is the textbook case. He taught propaganda in classes for up and coming pols, and he has lived by propaganda his entire political life.  There is no excuse for being fooled by this man.


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