Re Barney Frank on Paul Ryan’s budget scam

Congressman Frank rightly points out that Paul Ryan’s budget is a scam, that it does nothing to cut deficits while cutting critical social safety net. Barney is dead on pointing out that increasing DOD budget at this time is out of line, considering the realities of threats the DOD is charged with addressing.

The US spends more on defense that the next several top spending nations combined. If deficit reduction was really important, the GOP pandering pols would put DOD cuts on the table.

If Paul Ryan’s budget scam were for real, he would specify what loopholes used by the have-more-than-enoughs and have-way-too-muches  he would close while he cuts what is left of the social safety net.  Barney Frank is spot on. No specifics = scam in the making.

Seldom do I disagree with Barney Frank, but his statement: “There is no force out there in the world capable of taking away our freedoms.” is wrong.

Not only is there such a force, but it has been pretty successful in the campaign to take away our freedoms. That force is called greed. So long and that is the master so many politicians serve, be it their own greed or their donors’ greed, our freedoms are being butchered, along with our national sovereignty, to the interests of huge, multinational corporations.

Greed is the force that had devastated the economy and put people in such peril that too many are willing to give up all manner of regulation, protection, and effort for the common good in hopes of keeping their jobs and a roof over their heads. When people are struggling for survival, they are willing to give up too much freedom. Greed has set the stage for putting millions in a struggle for survival.Greed has been the driving force for the deliberate crashing of many economies.

DOD is a sideshow,  just one more diversion to keep people of seeing the real enemy, the monster corporations that know no allegiance save to greed. Paranoia is one of the means of assuring the people want the money to pour into DOD no matter what. Paranoia, like ignorance, is carefully cultivated in the masses. It is cultivated because it allows the greedy to keep the money flowing while the nation falls into dangerous decline.


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