What about Cranbrooks’ part in Mitt’s attack on John Lauber?

 Schools know there is a difference between hijinks and assault.

What about consequences? Isn’t being required to face consequences for behavior and performance an important part of a proper education?

Something that needs to be brought up in the national discussion of high-brow prep school ‘hijinks’ is how the school reacted. Have yet to see this addressed.

Is there ANY evidence that the Cranbrook School took any disciplinary action against Romney and the others who participated in this assault on John Lauber? Were any punishments meted out for this? How could young men form a small mob, assault a classmate and not get thrown out on their asses at the very least?

 John Lauber was expelled from Cranbrook School for reports that he was seen smoking.  Sneaking a smoke got the assault victim bounced out of school!

Mitt Romney graduated from Cranbrook.

Mitt crossed a big line when he acted violently upon a classmate. He put together a small mob to help him. That was not leadership, it was cowardice and it was willfully malicious. 

The others knew it was wrong, they were all well past the age of knowing right from wrong. Many of them acknowledge they have been haunted by their part of the attack on John Lauber since they participated right through to the present.

Mitt mislabels his assault on a classmate as ‘hijinks’. Would be interesting to know what he would call such an attack if some kids did it to his own sons when they were in school, or his grand-kids now. Willing to bet Mitt would have a team of lawyers all over the perpetrators, the parents, the school, and the cops to make sure punishment was swift and harsh.

Mitt Romney graduated from Cranbrook but John Lauber did not, because it was reported John Lauber was seen smoking on campus.

Evidently Cranbrook School was pretty confused about boyish hijinks. One would think an institution that charges the kind of tuition Cranbrook  does would be run by people who knew better, people of high moral convictions.

As we ponder what makes Mitt tick, we might give some thought to the fact that it sure looks like the system the elite grow up in has an impact in reinforcing sociopaths’ sense of security in acting on bad impulses.

In no way should Romney’s behavior be blamed on the school, he was well past the age where we hold young people accountable for their actions.  But the school needs to take some responsibility for what life lessons it teaches. Boarding schools, in particular, bear the burden of being more than just classroom education. Boarding schools, but structure, act  in loco parentis.

How many other scions of the privileged class grew up knowing the system would back them no matter what? That brutality is rewarded and empathy is not required? No wonder the nation is in such a mess.


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