On stress, self medication, and the odds of being offed by a terrorist

I’m drinking tonight. Not a lot. My body just can’t do that. But second drink THIS WEEK, which is way over my norm of a couple of drinks every 6-8 months. For me, I guess it is a lot. Thank gods for the ginger liqueur I made months ago. Not bad with some vodka and soda.

Dear friend in Arizona emailed today. The high school in Wilcox, AZ had a bomb threat called in. It’s a very small agricultural town east of Tucson, known for some apple and peach orchards and singing cowboy Rex Allen. Anyway, my friend said the high school received a bomb threat and classes were called off. Hmmm, first, I didn’t know there was a high school in Wilcox. Hell, I didn’t know there was anybody under the age of 105 in Wilcox.  Second… CRAP, it must be spring, kids want to ditch school. I hope that’s all it is. There are brown farm workers and red neck crackers in Wilcox. Could be a very bad mix, colorful, but bad.

Then just I read that a man walked into a Hooters -nosh-and-ogle emporium in California and announced he had an explosive device. OK, sounds a bit like the start of a low budge porn movie, but hey, who knows. Maybe he got some bad fries of something.

Was just looking up the odds of dying by a terrorist (white guys with explosives and a mad on, and businesses that don’t follow safe practices cuz they don’t want to spend money, qualify no matter what American main stream media thinks) compared by the usual means of untimely meetings with one’s maker. Terrorism is way low.

Thinking the odds makers need to revise. Frankly, it seems that, in America, the chances of being offed by some stranger with a delusion and/or sociopath business executives  who don’t think safety is a good investment is probably inversely proportional to the amount of resources Americans are willing to spend on mental health care and fair regulations of business operations. We are screwed.


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