Where is Kim Jong Un, anyway?

Read a musing by one of the journos or pundits I follow on twitter that Kim Jong Un had not been seen in public in over two weeks.   Just thought, hmmm, coup? Did the generals or lower ranking officers finally lock the mad man with new nukes up for their own good? Or was he practicing lay up in anticipation of Rodman’s next visit?
Then this week happened (and it ain’t over yet). Boston, ricin, Elvis impersonator suspect with three first names. West, Texas. Cowards in the Senate failing to heed the wishes of 90% of the American voters re making background checks for gun purchases a bit more useful. Earthquakes and oil spills.

Just read the bulletins about the MIT shooting and the cop who won’t be coming home. Damn. It had just been ridiculous. Too much. Too many people dead, hurt, traumatized. Governor Perry of “take your Federal dollars and shove it’ Texas is standing, hat in hand, begging POTUS to hurry up with the federal money cuz he had a real situation pop up that none of the Commissioners of Texas can fix. Surreal.

Posted on a forum I frequent,  that we  all needed to breathe, just take a damn breath, step back. And I generally practice what I preach so I took a breather.  And that’s when I remembered the tweet about where’s Waldo, err, Kim from Monday morning.  Maybe Governor Perry put too big a chip on his shoulder, daring the only fat man in North Korea to knock it off as he mocked Kim’s threats to unleash the nukes on Texas?

Probably not. That plant in West, Texas seems to have been an uninspected, self-regulated ticking time bomb ready to go off for years now.

But still, where IS Kim? And I noticed Perry isn’t so smug today.

Heartfelt sorrow for the good people of West, Texas. They didn’t deserve any of this, whoever or whatever the cause.  None of the victims this week deserved any of this. We gotta put better people in office, and we need to support those who support the public. Mental health care wouldn’t hurt either. Hell, I’ll put a couple extra bucks in the kitty if we can just find Kim and haul him in for group therapy with Governor Hungover.




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