The sun came up over Boston

Figured this morning would be media run amok. Followed last night until the sun was up in Boston and I simply couldn’t stay awake. Twitter feed with hastags: #scanner #boston and #wcvb. People listening to their own Boston PD scanners and that scanner online (over 80,000 on that site) were real-time posting what was coming across. Lots of people in Boston search areas were posting what they were seeing / hearing outside, including some audio tapes and pictures. It was surreal.

And Boston TV station WCVB (wcvb,com) was doing the most amazing reporting. They were giving straight data WHEN THE GOT CONFIRMATION and doing if fast, accurately, and without talking head flourishes. Their site is worth a look for those who slept last night and need to play catch-up.

People on the twitter hastags were following the action and doing the google earth/google maps to understand the areas being affected by the chase, the tightening area of search, the perimeter, and the areas of house to house searched. People in the area were posting pics (from out windows) of two houses authorities had lit up. People posted pictures of chairs in their homes, chairs with bullet holes.

I was grateful to wake up and hear husband say that Boston had not been blown off the map. Sounds like the bad guys had devices in many places. The guy they are looking for has been missing for over a month, so who knows what they may have laid down in hoods.

But today, ::sigh:: today the talking heads and pols who slept last night will all be trying to look like they earned their keep by mouthing platitudes, and pushing their agendas.

And I can’t help but think that this could have all been avoided if those same talking heads and pols had not yammered so much, mouthing platitudes and pushing their agendas before Bush/Cheney invaded the wrong country, killing so many of ours and theirs. Can’t help but think of how much different Afghanistan would have gone if we had sent in intel people to do the police work on the ground to find Bin Laden and his people, instead of sending in troops to expend ordinance, make more enemies, but ensure Halliburton and Blackwater profits, probably for generations now that we have made so many life-long enemies. Can’t help but wonder how much less hate and battle there would be if Obama had done what he promised re Gitmo.

When you kill/mame/torture thousands of innocents, you will make more enemies than you had. When you treat your own military personnel to the special hells created by war for profit instead of good police work against small bands of criminals, you create too many tortured souls among the ranks of your veterans. You destroy too many families, here and over there.

But proceed, talking heads and pols in the media that slept. Proceed.

/Rant off


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