What’s the deal with destroying people and the planet in the quest for more money than you need?

Can’t recall the pundit recently pushing the truth that ‘money is merely an accounting system’ but it makes sense. What does not make sense is the unhealthy cultural view that money is, in and of its self, a goal worthy of doing anything to accumulate.  Do we really need winners/losers when there is enough to go around? When the accounting system becomes the only real thing of value to so many people, the system is based on mental illness. We need to address the mental illness of hoarding the beads called money.

Since you can’t eat money, it has no value its self. It does not meet any real human needs. It is just a meter. People need to place value back on real things and real actions. Basing one’s existence on how many units of accounting one can grab is a hallow thing and such people can never be sated.

Now, oatmeal cookies, on the other hand….  And that’s why I still think the Oatmeal Cookie Standard would be a more practical monetary base. The hoarders really wouldn’t be destroying everything to get more than they need, and if inflation caused food prices to go up. we could eat our cookie-coins.


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