Rupert is unfit to exercise stewardship of a major international company, and he isn’t the only one

The report of a committee of the British Parliament investigating Rupert Murdoch’s news publishing ventures’ foray into illegal wire taps, hacking, and bribery of police has come out.  Some MPs come right out and dismiss Murdoch as an unfit corporate leader.

 Rupert Murdoch “is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company”, MPs have said.

Took long enough. But this truth-telling didn’t go far enough. Not nearly far enough.

It’s not just this one corporation that exhibits bad corporate governance, it is a slew of them. For any MP to take this long to notice is the root of the problem. Same in US in regards to Congressmen.

These monster huge corporations get so big and willfully corrupt because the people elected to office do their bidding instead of the people’s. Corporations buy the legislation to make legal what ever it is they want to do. They buy the legislation to make it illegal for someone to do what the corps don’t want people to be allowed to do. If huge multi-national corporations are being run badly, it is because pols let people like Murdoch buy government and order legislators around.

Rupert is a vile human being and he seems to reward results at any cost. He isn’t alone in that. Failure to regulate is the problem. Push-over pols who are nothing but whores are the real governance problem.

Glad somebody is starting to get vocal. Now, if the good MPs will just get some spines and start dealing with bad corporations. Same here in the US with Congress. The world is a mess because ‘capitalism’ owns governments and there is no such thing as ‘free market’ The market is owned and manipulated. The people are lost to the wolves.

Rupert is the tip of the very big iceberg. He’s old and not long for this world, so he is a safe scape goat for the whole stinking system.



In the immortal words of Dr. Johnny Fever, “Hello fellow babies!” Let’s blow the blues and get down to some rock and roll!

Friends, have you grown weary of being good little troopers, always playing nice and doin’ what the man expects, what makes it all work for the man? Are you tired of being disappointed that implied social contracts just don’t seem to get notice from the powers that be, no matter how well and diligently you hold up your end?

Does it make any sense that we go shopping at places that create shortages just to whip us up into a frenzy to where we will fight each other over unnecessary things while commerce just smiles, nods, run to the bank with deposits?

Friends, it’s time to just step back and think about it. Why go dancing to bad bands? Fellow babies, I am serious. We need to think about where we point our feet.

Walmart? Fuggitabout it! Saw some news items that some mall stores got so pissed off about the frenzy they whipped up with their ‘limited supplies’ of Door Buster Specials!!! that they locked their doors.

Yes, folks, some stores created the very messes that got so out of hand with people getting so frustrated and angry that they just went uncharastically bonkers. Then, some of those stores just shut their door, drew the bars across the window and expected everything to just magically get better on its own.

Weird, man, just too freaking weird. I mean, people, take a smoke break or something and think about it. You have your nice big family feast. Sure, now you are stoked on calories and carbs. Then all that information hits your mailbox and you get like, “Dude, where’s the mall? I gotta go shopping! I must do what is expected…..” You show up prepared, serious shoes on, wallet in one hand, list in the other. Ok, maybe you are frothing a bit at the mouth, but it’s not like you bite people regularly, and it’s unlikely you really have much of a bite anyway, let alone rabies or any other dangerous communicable cooties. And your very presence scares some commerce dudes to the point they lock doors and throw up bars to slow down the very widespread contagion of crazy they set the stage for.

What the figgy pudding? Fleck the malls. If some commerce dudes get so shortsighted that they lock out the very customers who really do shop often, supporting them in all seasons, just because of some temporary shopper mayhem, well, Fleck the Malls and light up a fatty, pour a tumbler of Christmas hooch, break into the chocolate stocking stuffers or what ever else you do to just relax, and give yourself the gift of some quiet, silent nights.

Fellow babies, ya gotta remember: The commerce is dependent on you, not the other way around, unless of course you are working as a temp in a Honey Baked Ham emporium, hoping for enough cash to get you through the next half semester at Whatsamatter U. If that’s the case, well, the Doctor can see you’re just screwed. But for the greater good, let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. And no, I won’t bogart that spiff. I want you to be calm too, cuz you are my fellow babies and the Doctor loves each and every one of you, in varying degrees, of course. And only in a non-bibical way, if you get my drift. OK, OK, there are a couple of clowns the Doctor would let Herb toss out of a helicopter next time he takes a flockin’  bunch of turkeys for a ride, but it’s not like it would ever actually happen fer reals.

The doctor knows you don’t want to get stampeded into buying crap you don’t really need from businesses that treat you like a commodity instead of like individuals.

Malls don’t work if they are empty. No mu-zak man. Just not what stirs the soul and puts a fire in the belly.

And now, the doctor is gonna be out for a spell. This is KGON radio, the waves that rock and roll.

FOIA, like the Bill of Rights, seems to have been recycled and re-puroposed as toilet paper for high ranking officials

UPDATE:  DOJ says OK, we won’t do that bad stuff and lie outright about documents we don’t want you to see after all.

Maybe Herman Cain will be let off the diversion hook now?  Hey, anytime there is a big sexy news item that media is overly invested in reporting, I always figure there is some real damage being done while we are engrossed in the splashy story de jour.  Not that I dismiss the importance of uncovering Herman Cain’s predatory ways, I just think media needs to keep an eye on more than one thing at a time.




At present, if the government doesn’t want to admit the existence of a document it believes to be exempt from FOIA, it may advise the person making the request that it can neither confirm nor deny the document’s existence. Under the proposed regulation, an agency that withholds a document “will respond to the request as if the excluded records did not exist.”


This is NOT change. This is more of the SSDD and it seems to be getting worse all the time. Where is the transparency CANDIDATE Obama was so gung-ho about?

I understand the need for some secrecy in what governments do, I really do. But FOIA has an app for necessary secrecy. A court considers requests for information and weighs the right to know against the need for secrecy on a case by case basis. This business of government flat-out deciding ‘If we think it’s important for you not to know, we can deny it even exists should you file a FOIA request for it’ is NOT what the laws were written for.

Is we is or is we isn’t a NATION of laws? Guess not. Laws are just harnesses for the 99%. The 1% and their henchmen, and I put Obama squarely in that henchmen column, don’t seem to think laws are any sort of mediating factor in what they can and can’t do.

I have had it with this administration. This is one outrage too far.

People sitting quietly with messages on their shirts removed, some arrested in WI capitol

The cowardly side of the aisle  in WI legislature who are so terrified of the people are having them removed and arrested for having signs.   So a few show up with pieces of paper on their shirts. It has been explained to the cowardly part of the legis and the security they command that people can wear tee shirts with messages. But the cowards figure people with paper on their shirts can be tossed out, and they do so.

The people being removed have not been disruptive in the least. One member of the legislature pointed out the members of the body would not even know of the protesters’ presence save for the disruption the security officers create in removing and arresting them.

The sgt at arms and officers are engaging in acts of provocation just as surely as NYPD White Shirts with pepper spray and batons. They are denying THE PEOPLE any means of speaking to their government and the end result of such strong-arm tactics on the part of any state will always result in frustration levels that will lead to illegal acts of aggression against the state.

You cannot take away the means of a people to dissent in constructive ways without planting the seeds of destructive means. Heavy handed refusal to allow civil forms of dissent and petition is what eventually spawns terrorism. If the Lords of WI want to rule like the family Saud, they will get the same responses eventually.

So now Vererans’ benefits are on the table

And the Congresshos still won’t put taxes on the table with any degree of seriousness.

Since Cantor is already afraid to go out and speak if the general public can attend a function on a college campus, he and his cowardly ilk will be hiding under their beds in bunkers if a lot of Veterans who were promised certain benefits get double crossed yet again and decide to let their displeasur­e be known.

It is time for pols to accept three important facts: they have to stop funneling $$ from the 99% to the pockets of the 1%, Corporatio­ns are NOT people, and people have to come first.

Cain buys Cain’s book from Cain’s company using Cain’s campaign funds

While it is legal for campaigns to buy candidates’ books (often given a premiums for particular donation levels) it is NOT legal for them to profit from the use of campaign funds to buy books.Cain campaign bought the books, published by a division of Simon & Schuster Inc., from T.H.E. New Voice, Inc. which he runs.

Bill Allison, a stout-hearted lad who serves as editorial director at the Washington-based Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan group that tracks political money so you and I don’t have to sort through a lot of chaff to hit the occasional golden nugget has some concerns about this book buy.  He said  “All candidates publish books and they offer them as premiums to donors, but most candidates aren’t buying them from their own companies,” he said. “It raises the question of his campaign contributions ending up in his own pocket.”

THE New Voice, Inc.,  has its CEO, Herman Cain’s pictures and links to things he has written all over the place. Don’t know what they are selling, aside from Herman Cain. That company’s website home page sure looks like an offshoot of his campaign but, you know, without all that FEC rules ‘n stuff being a factor.So, is he funneling campaign $ into one of his other accounts, err, companies,  which would seem to be illegal? Even if that other corp looks to be doing the same work as his official campaign? Is this one more GOP end run around the sieve that comprise the laughably weak FEC regulations as sorta applied, in some cases, and generally not so much IYAR*?  (* ‘If You Are Republican’ , a bastardization of It’s OK If You Are Republican, which seems to apply to many legal problems and/ethical weirdness)
Sarah Palin and her PAC that seems to support the lifestyle Sarah Palin wants to become accustomed to.  Christine O’Donnell  sold her condo then leased it as her campaign headquarters so she could continue to live there while claiming only around $6000 in income for a year, using left over campaign funds for food, evidently.Now Cain swapping money from one Cain account to another Cain account.   Who says the GOP doesn’t have a Jobs Program AND an economic plan? More and more of them seem to have taken jobs as candidates, which might be one of the few avenues left in America to earn some money.  As for economic plans, they are damned gifted at grifting.
Shine more light on the guy, folks. Remember that old adage ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and put lots of strong legs under stories about Cain.  Why, I just read that under his 9-9-9 plan, Warren Buffett, who paid $6,938,744 (17.4% of his taxable income last year) would have been liable for something like $440,000 on his taxable $40 MILLION, and that doesn’t count for any tax credits for charitable contributions Mr. Buffett made. That 9% Federal Sales Tax Cain wants as part of 9-9-9 would be on top of any and all state and local sales taxes working people already pay but never seem to get counted as paid when GOP pols talk taxes. That would really be a wallop to the wallet to most people. But hey, the very top-tier of the Hoarder Class would end up with a monster big income tax cut.

By the way, what is the deal with the name Cain? Last prez race, McCain. Now Cain regular strong in the pack? Is this just one more dog whistle blown to the fundies? Cain, Cain, hmmm, that rings a bell. ‘Hells bells, Mabel, it’s in the bible! It’s a sign, a sign I tells ya!’

Eric ‘Cankor’ sore at FEMA; Wants them to hurry and show him the $$

Deficit Hawk Eric Cantor is fine with holding all other US Congressional Districts in America hostage in agenda fight to cut other programs if money is needed for disaster relief.  His district, those people he counts on to keep his cushy job making life hell for the rest of us, does not get the same cold-hearted treatment. For them, he will set aside his deficit fever fervor and toss his weight around.


Sure, it is just for self-serving purposes. Keep the folks back home thinking you give a tinker’s damn so they will keep pulling the lever that keeps you in a position of power, from where you can affect policies you profit from personally.  Makes it all the more questionable, don’t you think? Hanging on to his job is so much more important than the deficit.  But cuts that cost other people their jobs, well, that just has to be done.


He is a cankor sore on the hind end of America. In a saner time, he would be driven out of office for his boundless hypocrisy.



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